Denver-based has announced the launch of its new digital currency exchange FreedomCoin™ Exchange. FreedomCoin Exchange will feature several new digital currencies with the first being Minuteman Reserve (MMR), a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum platform.

MMR will be utilized as money from day 1 with end users being able to purchase products and services on FreedomMarket, which is part of FreedomMarket is similar to Craigslist, however worldwide. MMR Smart Contracts are created between sellers and buyers on FreedomMarket utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. is similar to YouTube and Facebook, however is a worldwide platform for Independent Media to post videos and articles, and media outlets are able to take advantage of free IPTV and free WebRTC. With WebRTC, live multi-party video conferencing interviews can be recorded and saved, as well as distributed. IPTV allows Independent Media to broadcast live from satellite, IP camera, PC, smart device or DVR. has partnered with many Independent Media outlets and YouTube channels that are currently being censored on other platforms.

The CEO of Freedom Currency Inc., Kent Lewiss describing the platform said,

“Independent media now has a platform to report the truth on what is occurring worldwide and provide a platform for people worldwide to be free from corporate media propaganda.” pays MMR to Independent Media and all end users to post, like, share, and refer people to the platform. After MMR rises in value, early adopters will greatly benefit.

“Currently, there are nearly 1000 different digital currencies and only a few will succeed. A successful digital currency requires a purpose and a distribution system to make it accessible to millions of people, and FreedomMarket and provides this platform.”

FreedomCoin Exchange is integrated with and in the process of integrating with several offshore exchanges and banks which make it easy purchase MMR.

MMR ICO is currently underway. Interested buyers should create an account at for more information.

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