Internxt is an early-stage startup that aims to change the way the internet is organized. We are creating a whole new cloud ecosystem for file, app and website hosting. This will be the beginning of a new, decentralized cloud, which will be more secure, private and efficient than what’s currently on the table. This industry we’re entering is on a very early stage. There are a few other companies already working on decentralization (ie. Aragon, MaidSafe, Storj, Sia, IPFS etc). We are aware of this. That’s why we studied these well and found the need of a definitive and complete decentralized cloud solution, that solves the issues that we think our small number of competitors have.

We have already announced the team behind Internxt. We expect to publish our whitepaper in approximately 3 weeks from today (August 2017). Our whitepaper will explain in detail what we’re building. We expect to hold an ICO in September 2017, which will help us fundraise the full development of the technology. Users will be able to use Internxt’s token to pay for our decentralized cloud solutions.

Internxt was founded and is currently owned & managed by Fran Villalba Segarra. Inernxt has a whole team of developers behind it. Fran has created small projects and working at Hostinger International in the past. He has been listed by The Next Web in their ranking “T500”, which aims to recognize young tech talents. He recently became increasingly interested in decentralization and started to learn about it (see his article on decentralization). After months of planning, Fran Villalba Segarra started Internxt, the biggest project he has ever started. Fran loves new tech, entrepreneurship, philosophy & astronomy, and has a solid background in these fields.

Internxt is planning on creating a better internet, that makes sense and that is simple to use. We want to make Internxt in a way that is easy and organic to make a transition from the current, less secure cloud people use, to a better, more secure, private and efficient cloud. All details will be online on our whitepaper soon, so stay tuned! It’d be awesome if you could join us on Slack & Follow us on Twitter (links on our website)!