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BlockCAT believes in the same vision for smart contracts.

By 2025, ~10% of global GDP will be stored on [the] Blockchain. Source—Deloitte

We’re creating a marketplace that allows developers to sell smart contracts that are connected to a visual interface. This makes it easy for everyday people to purchase, deploy and use smart contracts on a global scale.

Developers must stake CAT tokens in order to publish contracts. Contracts found to be dangerous or unreliable will forfeit the staked CAT. This raises the overall quality of contracts and makes it costly to submit malicious code

Most importantly, anyone can earn a portion of the marketplace fees by verifying new smart contracts. After reading the source code for contracts, users can stake CAT on the validity of other contracts, signaling it will operate as advertised. This serves as a
way to decentralize the quality control process.

Once a contract has reached the threshold for verification, it will be published. All users who correctly staked CAT will receive a portion of fees earned by that contract, alongside the original developers, opening up new avenues for income not previously

We envision a future where smart contracts are used anywhere from multinational business deals, to just a group of friends pooling money to buy pizza, and everywhere in between. We’ll even see smart contracts being created for reasons we can’t
imagine today; an entirely new category of applications. It all begins with making smart contracts accessible, both to developers and users alike.

Join us on July 15th for the CAT Token sale, and become part of the next generation of visual smart contracts.