We are happy to announce the launch of Boulé, a revolution in eGovernment.

Boulé is a new Ethereum Token that applies Blockchain technology to the Voting System, digitalizing paper-work ballots, giving remote voting opportunity to the electors, increasing voter turnout and making the voting process cheaper, faster and safer.

It will change in a terrific way the democracy as we know now, by simplifying the process and empowering security through cryptography, biometric recognition and several other improvements well expressed in our whitepaper.

You can download it here.

In August this year, a pre-sale campaign will be launched, leveraging the Crowdfunding formula, where the users will be able to buy a fraction of this technology asset with Boulé Tokens (BOU), with an early adopters only bonus that will warrant profits by collecting them both short than long term.

Pre-sale ICO will be awarded by a smart contract and tokens will be paid with Ether.

In order to succeed this mission, we need all the support available, that’s why we are building a private group on facebook to discuss the most controversial points of remote voting, anonymity, security and possible scenarios.

You can join our discussion group by clicking here.

The Boulé Token (BOU) will be distributed at a special rate of 2000 BOU per 1 ETH to the first-day-only participants during the Contribution Period, and is expected to begin on August.

The Contribution Period will run for about 30 days or until the first ceiling of 10.000 ETH has been reached.

The Token will be available for trading in exchanges in November after the ICO take place in October.

For further details about: “at which block will sale start”, “how many blocks does the contribution period run”, “bonus available” and so on, we suggest you to subscribe your email on our mailing list at www.boule.one

We launch an open invitation to the community to participate and collaborate on our project from any perspective.

Check our website at www.boule.one

You can download our whitepaper by clicking here.

If you want to understand how the voting technology works, check our demo www.boule.one/demo

Join us and contribute to disrupt the democracy as we know it.