Touch Titans ( today announced the release of CoinPouch (, a new Blockchain wallet featuring a built-in exchange that securely stores Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Doge, while also supporting conversions to 48 different altcoins powered by Changelly (

Many current crypto-wallets are not using best practices on security, resulting in reported large amounts of stolen funds. Recognizing these cryptocurrency issues, CoinPouch is designed with the highest-grade industry-standard secure storage and transaction protocols for the most secure mobile Blockchain experience possible. Users’ private keys are encrypted directly to their device using RSA plus Apple Keychain native encryption – instead of an unencrypted web app that leaves crypto-wallets vulnerable. Several other crypto apps currently use one key to unlock all wallets within an app, so if one key is cracked, all user funds are lost.

In addition, exchanges have not scaled well. On high volume days, there have been several outages resulting in lost funds by users. Several exchanges have been hacked, losing large amounts of user funds as well. CoinPouch has a built-in exchange; so, rather than an external exchange creating a wallet and holding the private key to that wallet, CoinPouch users’ private key is installed on their own device and they can send from their own wallet. This initiates the exchange directly with Changelly, avoiding leaving funds sitting on a central server that is vulnerable to attack.

CoinPouch is not only incredibly secure, but also one of the fastest Blockchain interfaces on the market, allowing users to send cryptocurrency anywhere around the world in seconds – just like sending an email.

CoinPouch allows for easy conversion to 48 different altcoins directly through the Changelly API, allowing higher exchange amounts at lower rates. Users can send over 10 BTC at a better rate. And, if the server is down for any reason, users’ funds are automatically returned.

“CoinPouch was born from seeing the need for a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies,” said Kirk Ballou, CEO of Touch Titans.

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