0x Token Sale and Registration Details

Registration Requirements and Sale Overview

Key Points

  • Be careful to avoid scams.
  • Mandatory registration period August 9 – 12.
  • Sale begins on August 15.
  • Equal, individually-assigned purchase cap for all registrants during first 24 hours.
  • Detailed instructions and tutorials forthcoming.

Be Cautious, Do Not Fall Victim to Scammers

We would like to take this opportunity to warn potential purchasers to be extremely cautious; there will be numerous groups attempting to steal your funds by impersonating the 0x team, creating fake clone websites and by employing various phishing strategies. Always check (and bookmark!) multiple official sources such as the 0x websitenewsletterblog and twitterto verify information, dates and instructions.

  • The 0x team will not provide or engage in any pre-sale, discounts, reservation agreements or secondary sales in connection with the ZRX token sale. Period. Any claims to the contrary are false.
  • The 0x team will never private message you to solicit funds or personal information. Do not trust Slack messages, even if they appear to be coming from the 0x team.
  • By instituting an equal, individually-assigned purchase cap for all registrants during the first 24 hours of the ZRX token sale, we’re trying to make it easier for registrants to purchase ZRX in the token sale. You will not need to rush or make rash decisions. Within the first 24 hours of the ZRX token sale, there is no advantage to purchasing ZRX first.
  • There will be a unique purchase process that every registrant is required to go through. Do not trust Ethereum addresses posted to Slack or any other communication channel.

Registration Requirements

Chrome Browser

You will be required to use the Chrome browser when going through the registration and purchasing processes.

User-controlled Ethereum address

Purchasers must have a user controlled Ethereum address at the time of registration. This registered Ethereum address will be whitelisted for purchasing ZRX in the ZRX token sale; you will not be able to purchase ZRX from a non-registered Ethereum address. You will not be able to register or purchase ZRX using an exchange such as Coinbase, Poloniex or GDAX. The registered Ethereum address does not need to be funded with ETH at the time of registration. User controlled Ethereum wallets that we will support:

Sale Details

Individual Purchase Caps

The equal, individually-assigned purchase cap for each purchaser in the ZRX token sale will be calculated when we know the total number of people that have registered. For the first 24 hours of the token sale, the individual purchase cap will be fixed such that the total $24M hard cap is equally divided among all registrants:

Individual cap for first 24 hours = $24,000,000 / # registered

If 100% of the N registrants purchase 100% of the individual cap during the first 24 hours, the ZRX token sale will end there. The more likely scenario is that some registrants will forget to purchase or will only purchase a fraction of the full individual allocation. Any ZRX that have not been sold within the first 24 hours will then become available (at the same price) to registrants that hit the initial individual cap, via a 3x increase to the individual cap.

Once the individual purchase cap is increased to 3x the initial value, only a fraction of all registrants would be able to hit the new individual cap before the total hard cap of $24M is reached. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing some ZRX and you have registered for the ZRX token sale, purchasing during the first 24 hours will likely maximize your ability to purchase ZRX. If any ZRX have not been sold after 48 hours, the individual cap will increase to 7x the initial value. If any ZRX have not been sold after 72 hours, the individual cap will increase to 15x the initial value. Any ZRX that are not sold after 96 hours will be retained by the 0x team.

ox token sale.png
Final Notes

Clear instructions and tutorials will be released via official communication channels as we approach the ZRX token sale registration and purchase periods. Make sure to sign up for the 0x newsletter and follow us on twitterto receive important updates.