COMSA does not provide simple router-to-chain router functions or token conversion controllers. At the same time, it will be a conduit to inquire future ICO deals on that ecosystem. As part of this project, the team of COMSA has already begun offering consultation, advice and solutions for the introduction of each ICO project and block chain technology to a number of companies.

(Preparation → ICO → listing tokens → utilizing tokens → maximizing value)

In the midst of large demand, the COMSA team provides consultation to companies that crave ICOs, and at the same time, it has begun to advance its platform in parallel with development. While COMSA began offering its services sequentially, the initial case was to use the knowledge of Block Chain technology utilization such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and NEM and the existing expertise and infrastructure of COMSA including Zaif Exchange in order of ICO Will be carried out.

Services to be offered at the beginning are as follows:

  • Block chain technology, especially business plans and service design using tokens.
  • Tokenization of assets in existing business on cyberspace.
  • Legal support in ICO and tokenization.
  • Create white papers in other languages.
  • Creating and selling tokens using the cloud sale platform.
  • Market offer at Zaif Exchange.
  • Provide private block chain mijin for internal account system in on-premise or cloud BaaS environment.
  • Provision of tokens pegged with network fee delegation service, which allows commerce transactions in the NEM public block chain, denominated in statutory currencies and denominated encryption currencies.
  • Development of smart signing contract on NEM block chain.
  • Development of smart contract on Ethereum block chain.

In addition to the above, we will offer the following services as part of the solution to existing and new ICO cases as the entire platform of COMSA is completed:

  • COMSA CORE integration.
    Integration of COMSA HUB to connect and peg the public block chain and mijin ‘s private block chain.

If you would like an ICO solution please contact us.