ATMChain Foundation, a foundation sponsored by Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute of China (JBI), acquires 7.5 million shares of RFintech for a total consideration of EUR 15 million.

Following the recent signature of a strategic partnership between RFintech and JBI, ATMChain will acquire c. 5.4% of the R Fintech group, for a total value of  EUR 15 million.

RFintech and ATMChain will collaborate in the development of the next generation of distributed ledger technology, starting with ATMChain’s “blockchain+media” platform.

ATMChain, is a safe and highly reliable transaction system that combines blockchain network with digital media distribution. It created the new strategy of “blockchain+media” to explore the economic value of people’s attention in a profound manner and digitize media assets.

As a result of this new partnership, RFintech will become part of the team to build the ATMChain global ecosystem and help the company complete its strategic presence in the blockchain ecosystem in Asia.

(ATMChain conference in Shenzhen Aug 6th, 2017)

RFintech boasts advanced technology and rich marketing experience in high-tech areas such as AI and blockchain.

It is dedicated to creating enhanced value with new technologies. It has established a blockchain-based e-commodity backed by physical crude oil and other energy assets. Bilur is expected to be exchanged in the major foreign exchange markets across the world.

RFintech will provide ATMChain with quality resources around the world and decisions have been made to create exchange child nodes in Geneva, Madrid, London, Toronto, the US (New York, Houston and San Francisco), Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

In addition, RFintech’s business in Asia will be integrated into the ATMChain ecosystem project and ATMChain will adopt ATM bilur as its exchange currency in Europe.



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