August 15, 2017, New York In Shanghai (China), the 4th International Blockchain Summit – 2017 was held, in which ATB Coin took an active part. During the event, the project representatives told all interested parties  in the blockchain technology about the cryptocurrency of the future, exchange ideas and conclude partnership agreements.

So, as a result of one of these agreements – the collaboration with crypto-exchange – it was decided to hold the second stage of the ICO!

The beginning of the second stage of the ICO is scheduled for 8 am on August 15, EST, New York (GMT-4). Crowdsale of the innovative technological cryptocurrency will last 15 days. At each of the three stages of The crowdsale, investors will be able to get attractive bonuses:

– 1st round: from August 15th to August 20th with a 20% bonus

– 2nd round: from August 20th to August 25th with a 10% bonus

– 3rd round: from August 25th to August 30th with a 5% bonus

You can buy tokens on the website of ATB Coin and on the website of crypto-exchange

While the official blockchain network launch (on September 1st, 2017) will take place in just two weeks, investors can evaluate the functionality of the beta version of the wallet, as well as learn more about the technologies of the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness, which give ATB Coin unique advantages. Micropayments as an organic part of a person’s daily life is one of the prospects for the development of the ATB Coin project.

ATB Coin

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