Progressive Coins, which are being sold in the ICO, have a financial guarantee that provides quantifiable downside protection, they share in 20% of all revenue generated from the Ubiquicoin ecosystem, and they have the ability to appreciate.

Transaction Coins are minted as needed, they are fully backed by a diversified pool of assets, they have a stable and predictable value, and they will be used for consumer purchases, transfers, and other financial transactions.

In short, Progressive Coins are for investment purposes whereas Transaction Coins are dedicated to commerce. But why can’t a single coin accomplish both tasks? Let’s take a look at the current market to understand the challenges.

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining a lot of attention in the past several months because of the dramatic demand they have been garnering from investors. This strong demand has led to surging prices, but we have yet to see widespread adoption of them as actual forms of commerce. We believe there are two key reasons behind this: Price volatility and lack of strategic relationships. Our two-coin structure solves the first issue and our network of existing partnerships with tier one financial institutions solves the second (download white paper at for further details).

Price volatility in cryptocurrencies remains extremely high with price swings of 10-20% per day not uncommon. For merchants, this makes them simply unusable because whatever profit they made could be immediately lost through a price decline. In short, merchants are in the business of selling goods and services, not speculating in the currency market. They need to know the value they will receive for what they sold. Ubiquicoin addresses this with its Transaction Coins. These coins, which have a stable value, act similarly to a checking account. They can be used to make purchases, transfers, or virtually any other financial transaction. Unlike fiat currencies, these transactions will be much more secure, have dramatically lower fees, and are nearly instantaneous. These attributes benefit both the customer and the merchant. And, perhaps most importantly, everyone knows exactly what one Transaction Coin is worth so there is no uncertainty of value.

However, most ICO investors don’t want to invest in a coin that has a stable value. They want upside potential. Therefore, Ubiquicoin is offering its Progressive Coins in its ICO. These coins share in 20% of all revenue in the Ubiquicoin ecosystem and will be freely traded. As our ecosystem grows and Transaction Coins are used more frequently, overall revenue grows and each Progressive Coin becomes more valuable because is receives more and more income. Therefore, we have created one coin that has the characteristics necessary to become genuinely usable for commerce, and a second whose value increases as our ecosystem grows. We believe our simple, but innovative approach of using two coins to solve two distinct objectives that are inherently at odds with one another (i.e., the need for price stability for commerce and the desire for price appreciation for investment) makes us uniquely suited for true global adoption. Couple that with the downside protection provided by our financial guarantee, and there is truly nothing else like Ubiquicoin in the market today.

Two coins to solve two goals. This is new. This is unique. This Ubiquicoin.

About Ubiquicoin

Ubiquicoin is the first decentralized digital currency to be backed by a financial guarantee that scales with the size of the ICO, built on a proven infrastructure and with an equitable revenue share structure that rewards coin holders equally. Ubiquicoin has been designed to optimize and democratically implement the goals of the global financial revolution. We call it “Organized Decentralization.” The future has arrived.