Assetron Energy, a blockchain based investment fund facilitator has announced the launch of its upcoming ICO campaign, starting November 20, 2017. The crowdsale will offer a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency community members and investors to be part of the clean energy revolution.

The energy sector is increasingly moving towards renewable energy. The shift is driven by the depleting petroleum reserves, environmental concerns and the improving efficiency of non-conventional power generation techniques.

The number of individuals, as well as private entities setting up solar plants and wind farms are increasing every day, presenting an attractive market opportunity for investors to pump in the much-needed liquidity to facilitate the process. Assetron Energy provides an investment platform that makes things easier for both investors and contractors/owners of renewable energy assets. The platform leverages upon the properties of cryptocurrency blockchain technology to offer a transparent, secure and a convenient method for users to invest in renewable energy projects.

Assetron Energy is among the very few companies that are actively involved in revolutionizing the energy sector with the implementation of blockchain technology. The platform utilizes Waves blockchain to reduce risks, costs and technical barriers that are currently hampering easy-investments in clean energy projects. Assetron Energy opens the market to a global audience, where users from across the globe can invest in solar power plants, wind farms, hydro-dams in any region in the world.

The new financial tool, Assetron Energy democratizes the clean energy sector by offering stakes in projects to its ASTRN token holders. The platform makes use of smart contracts to register the token holders on the blockchain, allowing them to gain attractive returns on investment. Assetron Energy offers a share in revenues generated by the various renewable energy assets in which the token holders have invested.

The Assetron Energy ICO starting on November 20, 2017, will allow investors to purchase the platform’s native ASSETRON tokens. The platform has assigned a total of 600 Million tokens for sale during the period, ending on December 20, 2017. Once the ICO is over, any unsold tokens will be placed in escrow to be either sold at a future event, at a higher price, or merged into the total reserve fund, that is used to seed other renewable energy assets and airdrop regular rewards to all token holders.

More information about the platform, its vision, tokens and the crowdsale is available on Assetron Energy’s official website. The Whitepaper offers comprehensive information about the project and market potential.

Source (ICO Press Release)