For the first time, investors can invest in a revolutionary technology and in real estate. The SwissRealCoin is Switzerland’s first real estate backed crypto token. It is a solid cryptocurrency that allows to reduce volatility and diversifies a crypto portfolio. The ICO is scheduled for April 2018.

The SwissRealCoin was initiated by Brigitte Luginbühl, an experienced real estate professional, and Yauhen Yakimovich, a blockchain and tech professional. Luginbühl says: “The SwissRealCoin brings secure value into a volatile crypto universe and provides stability and security based on the quarterly audited net asset value of the real estate portfolio.”

Investors get the opportunity to benefit from the characteristics of Swiss properties through the Blockchain. Global access on decentralized platforms via peer-to-peer transfers allows immediate tradeability with low transaction costs. The inner value of the SwissRealCoin continuously increases through reinvestment of the net profits.

The SwissRealCoin will revolutionize the real estate market which is globally one of the largest however, still very intransparent and inefficient, and commits to bringing real estate assets onto the Blockchain. “Our new Monitoring and Investment Assistant Mia will introduce transparency, cost efficiency and democratization into the real estate asset management and old-world transaction system”, says Chief Technology Officer Yauhen Yakimovich.

Investors benefit from the solid economic and political environment in Switzerland. Swiss real estate has proven to be one of the globally most crisis resistant values. The SwissRealCoin is compliant with the relevant Swiss regulatory requirements. The ICO is scheduled for April 2018.

For further information contact
Brigitte Luginbühl, Founder & CEO Crypto Real Estate AG
M: +41 79 963 5536

About Crypto Real Estate AG: The Prop-Tech-Startup based in Zug was founded by Brigitte Luginbühl and Yauhen Yakimovich. Luginbühl has many years of experience in the real estate sector and Yakimovich contributes its technology know-how. With the SwissRealCoin, the startup builds for the first time a bridge between the latest blockchain and token technology and the traditional business sector. With the funds from the coin sale, Crypto Real Estate AG intends to build up a portfolio of Swiss commercial properties with long-term returns.