Forbes recommends looking for cryptocurrency trading for less than a dollar. They believe that’s important because “smaller numbers can more easily double and triple than larger numbers can.” Ripple is a perfect example. A $1,000 investment in January 2017 would have ballooned to over $609,523 in just 12 months. Another cryptocurrency that meets this criterion is the Ethereum Funding Token, or EFT for short. As an endowment, this EFT is the World’s 1st collectible solo crowdfunding Ethereum token. The EFT is provided in exchange for donating to someone in need. This ICO represents goodwill support for contributors to exchange EFTs on EtherDelta. Many more exchanges are anticipated to come.

The campaign serves the same purpose as receiving contributions via personal crowdfunding websites. However, they normally don’t accept cryptocurrencies, nor do they give tokens in exchange for contributions. Conveniently, the EFT does both. Although participants can hold or trade EFTs for profit, the token guarantees something more valuable than money…pride of ownership. According to the token’s creator, “The Ethereum Funding Token is a badge of honor that says, ‘Hey world, I care about the less fortunate. I gave to a stranger in need’.”

EFTs are ERC-20 compliant and can be bought, sold, traded, and exchanged the same as other Ethereum coins. There is a limited number of tokens, which is intentional, to create excess demand where the quantity demanded is greater than that which is supplied. The creator’s vision is for Ethereum Funding Tokens to become a collectible as the world’s first solo crowdfunding token given for personal hardships. The minimum contribution is only .10 ETH in exchange for 1,000 EFTs. This makes the ICO one of the most affordable Ethereum contributions on the planet. Early supporters receive a generous 100% bonus during February’s pre-launch.

The EFT campaign is 100% transparent in that there is no product, no service, no team, no investors, no whitelist, and no SEC regulatory compliance issue. The best part of all is that there are also no empty promises. What the ambitious project does have is someone in need seeking aid via the Ethereum blockchain. Just as personal crowdfunding websites became the preferred method for contributing a decade ago, this new blockchain platform may become just as popular. Undoubtedly, it is a rewarding feeling to help a stranger in need. Doing so with an Ethereum token has now made it a profitable one as well.

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