Over the past 3 years, the team at Floaterium has been building the platform on which its
Floaterium cryptobanking services will be launched. The next stage in our development will be the release of a Floaterium cryptobanking payment platform that will in turn will its own cryptocurrency – FLI, to feed the transactional process. This platform will be ready for the release at the Q1 2018 – Q2 2018, and we aimed on developing it in future. This Whitepaper highlights the key stages and features of Floaterium payment solution and the future trajectories in which our products will be developed.

In advance of their use within the Floaterium cryptocurrency bank, Floaterium is offering prepayment of the FLI token. Floateium allow for pre-payment up to 1,100,000,000 FLI tokens at the initial market value of $0.02 per FLI.
Further details of the ICO and the potential benefits of FLI ownership are provided in this Whitepaper. The binding terms and provision of FLI Token Sale will be outlined in the Terms & Conditions provided at website.

Start Date : 1 March – 25 April 2018
Decimal : 2
Price of FLI token : $0.02
Total Supply : 1,100,000,000
Adjustable distribution : Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed
Further token issues : No, a single token issue within the ICO
Secured methods purchase : Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
Mincap : $4 million USD, all funds will be returned

Source (ICO Press Release)