• The Mission of WXRALLY

Founded in the Cayman Islands, WXRALLY was initiated by several elites and focus groups from different industries. As a decentralized alliance institution of science and technology financial blockchain, the mission of Alien is to realize another civilization and another height included in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, i.e. the natural instinct of pursuing freedom, pursuing fairness and pursuing decentration. Global cryptocurrency and blockchain enterprises are undergoing explosive fission, and there are countless newly established companies utilizing blockchain technology.

Our ultimate goal is to make the cryptocurrency get rid of the simple mechanical interest arbitrage thoroughly and to help every safe cryptocurrency or valuable blockchain project find its own position in the digital blockchain mall of WXRALLY. Of course, we will also introduce all resources of their communities synchronously. Many excellent blockchain projects have attracted thousands of or hundreds of thousands of followers. Some projects have even attracted attention from millions of people. All of them expect that the blockchain projects of their communities can be converted into USD, Japanese Yen, Euro, BTC, gold and other stable wealth, so that they can go shopping and buy commodities they like.

Now, WXRALLY tries to simplify all these, realize one-stop shopping, and occupy the highest point of the market. In fact, a huge market containing trillions of dollars is gestated. WXRALLY is sparing no pains to realize these visions. We place a higher value on the actual operability and how to solve these problems, so as to thoroughly overturn people’s concept about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We are truly different from the rest. Let’s join hands at WXRALLY and grow as a community together while also gaining valuable wisdom.

  • Prospect

WXRALLY has formally introduced a token featured by friendly feedback, laying emphasis on open and friendly coins. WXRcoin is an open, environmental and never-added top-level coin that can be repurchased regularly, which will bring about returns to investors continuously and stably. WXRALLY is an ambitious alliance with plans, and WXR is the sole digital token of the alliance. We believe that all senior investors know BRK (BRK is the stock symbol of Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway). The price of stocks subordinate to Buffett reaches 100,000 dollars per share, and this legendary figure has also provided reference elements for senior executives of the alliance.

WXRALLY adopts the award system similar to that of POS coins and chooses the mode of holding or transaction equal to mining. WXR holders will be paid with the same currency form, and investors can gain periodic portfolio returns. By holding the single WXRcoin, every WXR holder has the right to participate in community elections and to organize the community activities. Our goal is to start with a small scale and create transaction systems that are suitable for different market characteristics and investors, so as to reach a high balance. The reference point is to create a long-term and transparent alliance recognized by the market. We hope that we can make joint efforts at the starting line and grow in the blockchain!

Log in to our only official website to know more: www.wxrally.com

Email: Aliencorporation666@gmail.com


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