Introducing ICOPremier

A private crypto token market for trading tokens before they hit exchanges

Background Problem

With the advent of ICOs, cryptocurrencies have become an important channel for funding businesses. The cryptocurrency market witnessed an exponential growth, beating everyone’s expectation. The market registered a growth of over 3000% from beginning to end of the year 2017, touching a market cap of $600 Billion. The high growth of the market has not only created new opportunities and attracted talented entrepreneurs to come up with novel business models using the blockchain technology, but also gave rise to scam and fraudulent projects.

Major challenges faced by the Investors

• Finding good and promising ICOs due to numerous vague and highly volatile projects flooding the market every day
• Lock-in of wealth in new tokens for lengthy periods
• Long delays before new tokens are listed on an exchange, preventing investors from liquidating their tokens

• No reliable safeguards for user funds because of centralized nature of exchanges
• Decentralized exchanges are slow, risking execution outcomes
• There are many investors who are whitelisted for an ICO but don’t get a chance to participate in the crowd sale

What is ICOPremier?

ICOPremier is a token-based platform and a creation based on the feedback of crypto experts (a team of professional blockchain advisors, researchers, cryptocurrency analysts), who by their long experience in the blockchain and finance, help the investors to choose and invest in the best ICO projects that have successfully completed their crowdsale and are accredited by the crypto community.
ICOPremier is also a solution to the rife situation that prevails in crowdfunding. ICOPremier provides not only the solution to the challenges faced by the investors, but also provide various features for the ICO project teams to grow their reach and build a strong user community.

Key Aspects of ICOPremier’s Architecture

• Listing the best ICO propositions that have successfully completed their crowdsale.
• Early Token Liquidity.
• Establishment of a secure and safe passage for investors to buy tokens.
• Tokens hosted on the platform undergo a rigorous due-diligence process to ensure credibility and investment potential of the project.
• Feeless transactions on EOS to reduce the cost of operating the platform and remove the erstwhile dependency on GAS.
• Providing KYC solution with a compliance role in CMS, to the validated identity of investors. The unique identity created for the users on EOS Blockchain is linked to the user’s KYC details.
• Multiple currency payments – credit card and wire transfer payment processing in various fiat currencies (USD and EUR), while also supporting a range of leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, etc). Our secured wallets provide complete security through 2-factor Authentication, Address Rotation, and Multi-sig support.
• Users will be eligible to participate in exclusive airdrops and bounties of some of the best and successful blockchain projects.
• ICOPremier is powered by IPX, a utility token on EOS Blockchain. IPX is the intrinsic currency of the platform and gives the right to use the platform to its holder. IPX will be required to operate on the platform, as it is utilised as fees to facilitate transactions or any other activity on the platform.
• IPX will be distributed through bounty programs to achieve greater participation.

“After securing the platform of all the hassles and shortcomings, ICOPremier will launch a large airdrop of 9.3bn IPX tokens to early users to bring traction to the ecosystem.”

ICOPremier’s Team

ICOPremier’s team comprises of highly experienced professionals from technology development, private equity, funds management, and venture capital managing its operations.

Address: Kemp House 152-160, City Road, London, UK – ECI 2NaX
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